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“No Further Action” by Police based on the suggestion of (CPS) Crown Prosecution Service.

Hillergreen is south of the Thames River, just below the Royal

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Do Trump Supporters In School get attacked

Do Trump Supporters in-Schools attacked?

In a recent video post by Tim Pool, he goes on to show a Social Science teacher called Finklestein, who slams the table and is said to be focusing on a single student who is a Trump supporter.

If you want to watch his video on the topic here it is ( Tim Pool Minds)

College Professor tells Conservative Student “F**k Your Life”

Here is a raw video, can’t find it .. Full-screen media. “company that make shitty youtube stars

Next, I like to tell you an original story


A student who likes trump and happens to drive a big ass 4by4 with one of those flag holders that allows you to fly a flag as you drive, you have seen them on the freeway or in your town.. New Yorker duckduck go it.


Anyway, he decides to fly a Trump flag and take it to school and some “boys ” decided to cut it off, not sure what they did with it, possibly throw it in the trash .. The owner of the truck gets special attention from the school staff.  They are leaving the State because California is really ignorant and intolerant of what they see as the Ignorant and “bad” ideas of Trump and his supports.

I guess if you are on the left you would be saying good, leave, as someone who understands more of the traditional conservative mindset I am sad they are leaving.

People look happy even if they are Asian, Real Asain, old white people going out for dinner or a tranny using the special ” all gender bathrooms which is your right in California.

4x4 Chevy
4×4 Chevy



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