Statue Wars :What is America fighting over


You probably have read or seen something about the pulling down of statutes on the internet, it’s happening every place, either defacing or complete removal by cities governments  or communist groups, roaming the parks and plazes of America.

What are they doing this for, have any idea?  Short answer complete destruction of American history, the good the bad the interesting.

Here is a longer list of reasons :

As far as I can tell, there are a few reasons, one is the people depicted are older historic figures, who, have some relation to slavery or Empire, either enslavement or the subduing of Indians.

Those are the main reasons, the last reason when the above fails ; if it looks old and white/European and it’s able to be be destroyed ; let’s topple it and google the history later.

Why should this concern you? Why should I care about a statue?

Well let’s make a shortlist:

•  Did you ever have a say? What happens to civic and historic art? No. But do you ever!

•  Maybe keeping something from the past and learn about, rather delete it like, it’s a post on the internet.

(We need real historians to explain and support what the monument or statue were originally created for, only then can you place your opinions over the top.

•  If statues are judged to be removed, you must make them available to view and study. (not hide them, or you must sell them to a trusted group, that will show them.

•  Last this is the inherited culture, like it or not, you have the right to learn about .

UK & Hague Belgium:Suffer Isalmic knife attacks

bbc news report on attack

Yes they are at it again.

London attack was on London bridge, a near section with only two ways out , jihadist had fake bomb vest , he was shot dead after stabbing multiple humans.

Police must of believed his vest was a of this writing not sure if and of the stab victims died.

This is the day after Thanksgiving in the US, black friday and it seems is also the start of the Christmas shopping season , that take us to next story of Islamic knife attacking , this time in the Hague ..I believe that is in Belgium with the EU ect.

Hague video roll of after math

Shoppers at a Christmas market got a treat, knives and bleeding as support a real loser in gray track suit ran off.

London was and it looks like isis has sent orders to attack the Christians .